Facebook Login – Account Disabled

Today I logged into my facebook account and suddenly this message popped up: Facebook Login Account Disabled Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here. However, due to insensitivity developed in me recently due to some other issues, I wasn’t shocked that much, but luckily, […]

How to stop friends from tagging and publishing posts on your Facebook wall

Facebook tags and wall posts are becoming troublesome for most of us due to increase spam and viral links images / videos etc. Luckily, facebook provides users an option which can help them avoid all those tags and posts to be displayed on their facebook wall without permission. How to control what happens when friends […]

Facebook Upgrade – Account Temporarily Unavailable

Facebook is upgrading something more today (yes other than the timeline, as I have been upgraded to timeline already) Facebook Account Temporarily Unavailable Anyway, while trying to check the notifications and the posts associated with them on my facebook account a while ago, I received a facebook account temporarily unavailable message. Saying: Account Temporarily Unavailable […]

How to remove Facebook virus posting nude video link on your friends wall

There is a virus on facebook these days with a partially nude picture, which gets posted in your name to all your friends if you click on it. Obviously it spreads once you click on it, so avoid clicking on it at the first place. In case you have clicked on that facebook virus post […]

Facebook not sending Security code via sms

Recently facebook has introduced a feature of receiving a security code to your cell phone via sms when someone tries to login to your facebook account from an unknown location. However, there have been issues regarding facebook not sending the security code via sms. I’ve not only experienced it myself, but alot of visitors has […]

Facebook down in Pakistan – 17 november 2011 (confirm on ptcl)

Facebook is not working on PTCL and ping to facebook.com gives request time out. Facebook is not available in Pakistan for last many hours. There are few other websites which are unable such as all the blogs at subdomain of wordpress.com This started early in the morning of thursday, 17th november 2011. Are you experiencing […]

How to permanently delete Facebook Account

Contrary to popular belief that you can’t delete your facebook account and can only deactivate it, you can actually DELETE Facebook account permanently. In this post you’ll learn how to permanently delete your facebook account. Before we proceed to the actual step to permanently delete your facebook account, please bear this in mind: you will […]

How to find Facebook page id

When we use custom unique name for our facebook page, the facebook page id is not shown in the url. However, there are some cases in which you might want to find facebook page id to get the script to work, e.g some plugins and button creators (although most of them now work perfect with […]

How to delete facebook friends on iPhone

With the cool facebook app for iphone some people find it difficult to delete facebook friends on iPhone. This tutorial will guide you by using images about how to delete facebook friends on iPhone. 1. Goto Friends list Launch the facebook app for iphone and login with your id. Once logged in click on the friends lists […]

How to view “Friendship” on facebook – video tutorial

Facebook has a feature of “view friendship” between you and your friend or any other two people. However, I wasn’t able to find that page easily enough so thought about sharing it. To view the friendship between you and your friend on facebook, follow these steps 1. Login to your facebook profile 2. Goto friends […]