IP address has changed – cPanel webmail error

Got a phone call from one of my friend today that he’s unable to login to his cpanel webmail to access his email account on the server. He sees the login screen, upon logging in it redirects him to the same screen with error saying: IP address has changed Upon testing it on my computer, […]

Tabco Tablet Grid 10 Demo Video + Launch webcast

TabCo Tablet Grid 10 has been released yesterday on Monday 15th August 2011. The launch webcast was awesome! If you missed the webcast demo of tabco tablet grid 10 or just wanna see it again, you can see in the videos below. The videos are divided into 2 parts and embedded below (let me know […]

Technical Specs of TabCo Tablet Grid 10

Fusion Garage has launched TabCo tablet with Grid 10 OS today and is available for pre order. Following are the technical specifications of the new device TabCo Tablet Grid 10. Dimensions: 122.4 x 63.9 x 9.6mm Weight: 690g Processor and Chipset: Nvidia Tegra II 1.2Ghz Dual Core Ram: 512MB Display: 10.1″ Display type: TFT LCD […]

Price of TabCo Tablet Grid 10 and TabCo Phone

TabCo Tablet with OS Grid 10 has just been released. It’s really awesome (viewing webcast right now while writing this post) The TabCo Tablet has been released at a price of lower devices available in the market. They can be preordered at amazon and will be shipped by 15th September 2011 Prices of TabCo Tablet […]

IE Users Have Lower IQ Than of Other Web Browsers – STUDY

A recent study about IQ of users using various web browsers has linked intelligence test results with those browser usage. According to the study Microsoft Internet Explorer (specially older versions) are associated with lower IQ. The study titled “Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Browser Usageā€ was conducted by Canadian company AptiQuant. They compiled IQ test scores […]

Firefox 4 released by Mozilla

Firefox 4.0 is now available for download from their official webiste. The new version of the browser now have a new improved look, faster speed and more security. Upgrade to the latest version of firefox now. Please note, firebug and pagespeed are not compatible up to today’s date. So don’t update if you are a […]

Using regular expressions in Dreamweaver

Do you know you can use regular expressions in dreamweaver? (don’t kill me if you already knew about dreamweaver regex option) Some developers who already use dreamweaver ask me about some tool to use regexp on their code. So answer to them is sometimes: you can already use regular expression in dreamweaver! (another good alternate […]

How to uninstall Adobe (cs4) on mac os completely

Unlike windows, mac don’t offer a install / uninstall program utility. So users usually find it confusing how to uninstall the applications from mac os completely. This tutorial will discuss how to uninstall Adobe cs4 masters collection from your mac os. In my case, I tried uninstalling Adobe masters collection cs4 from my mac os […]

Upload website to server – using ftp client tutorial

Yesterday, I got an email from one of my friends asking that he has designed a website for himself in dreamweaver, but how to upload it to the web server now? Well, for most of us, this would be a really simple process, but for him and many others it’s not so easy task. This […]

What are FTP clients and how to use them

FTP means file transfer protocol and ftp clients are the softwares which help people transfer files over the ftp. FTP clients are simple software, which need three things usually (sometimes four) to connect to the server which include: server (either your website name or ip address of the server) username password port (not needed to […]