How to check wateen remaining balance

Wateen (Pakistan) wimax internet device although gives you flexibility of taking it where every you go, but the bad side is that it’s limited. Even if you have a monthly package active, it has some limited hours. Or if you are out of the package and now running card to use the internet, you might […]

Gprs internet not working on iPhone – how to fix

This post focuses on gprs/ edge based internet settings (specially in Pakistan – ufone, mobillink, warid, telenor, zong) on iPhone. I have got comments on various posts on gprs settings post that the settings don’t work for many people (even those which i can confirm myself that they are working). The reason for them to […]

Problem with Ufone sms – sending failed

Have you noticed sending failed error on ufone (Pakistan) network these days? I’ve been noticing various errors in ufone service from past couple of months. Whenever they provide any new package, some of the service goes bad! Recently they announced free 24 hour calls after 2 minutes till 14th November, and then there are multiple […]

How to fix facebook access restricted (bad ip) [Orange]

There has been error with facebook saying access restricted (bad ip) on orange mobile and other than that, there are various occasions and reasons which may lead to same Facebook access restricted error. This article lists out various methods to fix the error. Following methods are mean to enable users settings Facebook access restricted error […]

PTCL workers on strike – cut off phone lines

PTCL land lines has been cut off in some sectors of Islamabad, Pakistan by the ptcl workers who were on strike. This not only distrupt phone lines, but also all DSL and Smart TV facility to the affected people on the 3rd eid day and the day after that. The lines started working again yesterday […]

Warid balance inquiry

This post explains about warid Pakistan balance inquiry and the charges you have to pay for warid balance check. Warid, like other cellular networks of Pakistan, provides it’s users to check their balance by dialing the code from their cell phone and sending the request for warid balance inquiry but it is not free though! […]

Warid card recharge code

I just turned on my warid sim after a long time! (many months) and besides having forgotton many other things related to warid Pakistan, i had totally lost what code to enter to recharge my warid sim with the new scratch card code! The simplest method to enter warid scratch card to load the credit […]

Warid mms settings for iPhone (Pakistan)

These are the working mms settings for iphone 2g, 3g, 3gs for warid Pakistan cellular network confirmed last on: 10th september, 2010 Important Steps: change your number (settings > phone > my number) to this format: 92321xxxxxxx If internet settings are not activated on your sim before, you might need to call the service center […]

Complaint against Zong – Dishonesty, Fraud and Fake marketing

One of the visitor named Mazhar Ali kazmi, commented on the post about how to activate zong sim about his experience with zong network in Pakistan. here is the comment that he made: Dear Sir or Madam: I am an old customer of Mobilink and have been using Jazz connection from so long. On 07/07/2010, […]

The PPP link control protocol was terminated – PTCL EVO

While trying to connect internet through your ptcl evo broadband (or any other – other than Pakistan too) you may have received the error saying: The PPP link control protocol was terminated This error usually occurs at the start of the new month . . .yeah you got it right ;) some one forgot to […]