The PPP link control protocol was terminated – PTCL EVO

While trying to connect internet through your ptcl evo broadband (or any other – other than Pakistan too) you may have received the error saying:

The PPP link control protocol was terminated

This error usually occurs at the start of the new month . . .yeah you got it right ;) some one forgot to pay the monthly bill for their ptcl evo (evdo infact – cdma) and now their connection is terminated.

Simply goto nearest ptcl customer support center and clear your dues, or else you can also pay them online if you use ebanking (some online banking accounts allow ptcl evo broadband bill payment)

Hope it helps and you don’t forget to pay the bills on time next time.

5 comments on “The PPP link control protocol was terminated – PTCL EVO

  1. I am using 299 airtel plan with unlimited emails and messenger, how can i use unlimited internet on the same plan. please guide

  2. Dear Customer, As per our records you have not recharged your EVO device in the last 4 months. Please remember to dial 0800 8 0800 and restore your EVO MDN before your next recharge.
    I got this message now what i do please some body guid me

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