How to appear offline on Facebook chat

Most of us are online on facebook almost all the time, while eating, while working, while sleeping, while this while that! but not all the time we’re in a mood or capacity to talk to the online friends. Facebook allows you to appear offline.

Appear offline feature allows you to either become offline for all of your contacts on facebook or to appear offline to specific friend of a group in your facebook profile.

How to appear offline to Everyone on Facebook Chat

To appear offline to everyone on your facebook contact list, simply click the settings wheel icon at the bottom right corner of your facebook window.

It will open a list of options, select : “Turn off Chat” from the options (see image below)

appear offline on facebook

This will make you appear offline for all your friends in your facebook friendlist.

Please note, this will make you appear offline from your computer, however if you’re logged in from your cell phone too you will need to turn off chat from the cell phone too!

How to appear offline to specific group or friend on Facebook chat

If you want to appear offline to specific group of people or some specific friend in your facebook profile friendlist, simply follow the same initial steps of clicking the settings wheel on the bottom right corner of your facebook page window and from the list, select “Advanced Settings…” instead.

Screen shot 2014-06-20 at 2.35.40 PM

This will open a popup which lets you appear offline for specific groups you have on facebook or some specific person.



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