How to show pictures on facebook to certain people only

Facebook gives you option to share your pictures either with everyone or with only specific people you want.

If you want to show some pictures to everyone but some of them to specific people, create 2 albums. One for all friends or public and the other one for the one who you trust or who you want to be able to see those specific pictures.

Once you have created a new album for specific people, don’t add pictures to it now before changing the permission to specific friends only.

To show your pictures on facebook to certain people and keep them hidden from others follow these steps:

How to show pictures on facebook to certain people only

1. Login to your facebook account

2. Create new album for specific friends only if you don’t have a seperate album yet. If you already have an album which you want to be shown to specific people only, use that one.

3.Goto> Account > Privacy Settings

4. On the privacy settings page, find Customize Settings near the bottom of page.

5. On Customize Settings page find Edit privacy settings for existing photo albums and videos. It will take you to the albums privacy page where you can edit privacy settings for each album.

6. Chose the album you want to edit settings for. Click the button below it to get list of options. Select custom from the options provided and click edit in front of Custom.

7. On edit custom settings screen for that album under Make Visible to These people Settings select Specific People…

8. It will open a input box below the select box where you can add names of the people who you want to be able to see this album. Start entering their names.

9. Save Settings

Now your album is visible to only a specific group of your trusted people.

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