Excerpt.Nabtron.Com another beta project by Nabtron

We have recently started our new project named Excerpt.Nabtron.com. The purpose of this project is to organize the various topics related posts in one place for user interest. All posts have links to their original author text. The posts contain feeds only and show the part of the post that is visible in the feed. […]

Benchmark Drives with Crystal Disk Mark

So you don’t check your hard drive for any possible problems and errors? what if it goes in stage of becoming slow and then finally going all dead? definitely not a good thing! right? But you don’t have to worry now, well atleast not that much though! CrystalDiskMark is there to help you benchmark your […]

Droid Explorer – Android Phone Manager

Looking for a tool to manage and browse your Android device with the simplicity like Windows? (like windows explorer) ? here it is! The Droid Explorer is a tool to manage and easily browse your rooted Android device just as simple as you are using windows explorer in windows! Droid Explorer Features Some of the […]

Login to windows OS (xp, vista, seven) without password

Well, this is a common issue now, many people face this problem, that either they forget what password they set last time, or when their elder / younger brother setup the password on the computer, and now he is out of town and you need to access the computer! The solution, although not easy, but […]

What does parked domain mean

There is a parked domain /  Park a domain option in some webhost control panel. This option is to add your domain names that you want to be parked. What does this term mean exactly? well, they allow you to make a parked page, and make it like what you want it to appear, and […]

How to change back theme from rvskin to any other (x3 etc) in cpanel (11)

While trying to change the layout of the cpanel (cpanel11) in my case, you might have tried switch theme just like me. Well, i was on x3 theme and i switched to rvskin. Well, rvskin was cool though! but was frustrating, because i was not able to find a way to go back to x3 […]

In C++, is it end1 (one) or endl (L M N)

My neighbors boy, 15 year old, asked me to teach him programming recently. Well i advised him a book for c++ along with a simple compiler. Anyway, after couple of days of banging my head on the wall with his INNOCENT questions, he asked me one thing, that is this word in the book end1 […]

Internet Explorer 7 & 8 don't show right to left languages (arabic) correctly

I just noticed while surfing my own blog on internet explorer 8 that it is not showing arabic correctly. I checked it on ie7 to confirm too and it was same there. However, the arabic text is working perfectly fine on firefox and opera on same computer system. This is the text: ???? ??? ???? […]

Opera (10) dont show right to left languages (Arabic in my case) Properly

White trying to check out some arabic words on my opera 10, i noticed that it does not show them properly. Instead of showing them as a proper line, it break them into individual alphabets, and they are in arabic too. What confused me was, that although opera have support for arabic language, and it […]