How to hide / embed files in JPEG image

Hiding / embedding files in images using windows is very simple. The file type could be any, text(txt), exe, mp3, avi or others. Also, you can add multiple files too, not just one! This trick is very handy when you want to hide files without any technical stuff or encryption knowledge and tools. To accomplish […]

How to run your computer in Safe Mode?

Safe mode is a special mode to run the computer with just keyboard, mouse and display driver (VGA) loaded. So if your computer is not functioning normally in windows, it can still run in safe mode. That is why we use safe mode to fix the problems that can not be fixed in normal mode. […]

Remove the viruses that can not be detected by your Anti Virus Software.

Sometimes it happens that your computer gets infected by a virus that can not be detected by your anti-virus software pack. As a result, your virus scan goes normal, reporting everything as OK but behind the scene the virus keeps slowing down your computer. So whenever there is such a situation, all you have to […]

Can’t view hidden files and folders? Problem solved.

If you can’t see your hidden files and folders, it’s because of a virus that changed a registry value. Your antivirus software can’t detect or remove this virus; neither can it repair the registry. So here is a free solution to this problem. What happens is, you go to Tools > Folder options and in […]

What is Frontpage Extensions?

While looking on your cpanel(cpanel11 in my case) account main page, you might have noticed the link to Frontpage Extensions. Frontpage extensions are used to allow the user to upload the website/webpages directly from his microsoft office frontpage from his desktop / computer. To enable this, the frontpage extensions need to be enabled on that […]

Paypal Sandbox not working properly (register / login issue)

Today i checked paypal sandbox account i was not able to login. I tried forgot password link and it said that it cannot find the specified email address. Then i tried to register a new account at paypal sandbox but it didn’t send me any email to my email account. So was curious to […]

Reveal / Show Saved Wireless Key on Windows Xp

Mostly we save the wireless key of our network on our computer when connecting to one. If you faced the situation when you have forgotton your wireless network key but luckily had saved it on your computer while connecting to the wireless network last time on windows(xp), then to reveal / retrieve it back you […]

How to uninstall Yahoo toolbar?

To uninstall yahoo toolbar from your internet explorer, simply follow the follow: 1. Goto: top menu > view > toolbars > deselect yahoo toolbar or 2. You can goto control panel > add remove programs > uninstall yahoo toolbar. This will get you rid of the yahoo toolbar!