How to add new Friend & Family number on Warid – Pakistan number

This post discusses about the friends and family feature of the Warid/Glow – Pakistan. This post explains how to add new friends and family numbers to your warid network. Before we add new ones to warid sim, we’ll be checking the already existing ones. This will be followed by adding new ones and then in […]

How to add new Friend & Family number on Warid – Pakistan number

This post discusses about the friends and family feature of the Warid/Glow – Pakistan. To check the current list of the friends and family numbers added to your list: Send List to 129 and it will reply you with the list of your FNF members. To add new friend and family number to your list: […]

How to Test / Remove the New Google Search

Google has been working on launching a new design / layout these days. You can test the new layout by turning it on by following method and then you can disable/ remove the new google search by the method described later on. The New Google Search is more colorful and is a really good change […]

GoDaddy $5 Domain Registration Promotional Coupon Code

Wanna know the promotional code for the domain registration for the registration of domains at There is this promotional code which will allow you to register the domain for just $5!. The coupon code for the GoDaddy’s domain registration at the discounted price of only $5 is: BLACKOUT Have fun by having the domain […]

How to change Yahoo Messenger Chat Nick Name

On yahoo messenger chat, while you talk to the friends/contacts, you might want to change your name shown to them at some time. Well, it might feel scary when some times we don’t find the place to change the name option! So here is the tutorial on how to fix this issue and how to […]

How to Show/Hide Firefox Tab Bar

Firefox provides its users with the feature of tabbed browsing by having multiple tabs in your Mozilla Firefox tab bar. This is turned on by default in firefox, however if you don’t want to use it and want to hide the tab bar, there is pretty simple procedure for that. To hide the tabs and […]

How to get Higher Adsense Revenue by Increasing CTR(click through rate)

Not all bloggers and webmasters develop and run their sites for earning through Google Adsense or other ads even. Yes! this is true! Then why do they make their site? We have another article for that here: But for those remaining webmasters, whose purpose of making the website or blog is to earn directly thought […]

How to Minimize Thunderbird to system tray instead of taskbar on minimize/exit

Thunderbird is no doubt a wonderful mail client by Mozilla which not only comes with powerful and very easy to manage user interface and system, but also a list of addons that make the life easy by letting the users customize their mail client the way they want it to be! When we use thunderbird, […]

How to enable / disable saving of History of conversation in msn live Messenger

Msn messenger new versions(including the 2009 messenger version and msgplus too) have an option to save the history of conversation on your computer. This article solves the queries regarding: how to enable msn messenger history feature how to save history in msn messenger how to see my chat history in msn messneger how to delete […]

How to use/download Torrents files – Beginners guide

Well some people might find it purpose less to write a introduction to torrents and downloading/using them but believe me, not all people know what they are and how to download torrent files and use them. So in this tutorial, i will step by step explain to you on how to get/download the torrent files […]