JavaScript Tips

This post will be updated with various javascript related tips which are not extensive enough to have their own post. How to Select any element and change its any property You can access any element using javascript by calling it through its different attributes, in various ways, like: document.getElementsByName(‘yourname’)[0]; // adding zero means the first one […]

How to know if Cloudflare is working for my site

Cloudflare is an amazing service which not only secures your website but also improves its performance. However it’s important to know that adding cloudflare to your site doesn’t mean that it will go from 10 seconds load time to 1 second, just by enabling cloudflare. There is more to website speed than simply enabling a […]

Socialtriggers – Why I stopped following Derek

I don’t know how many of you have ever heard of this clown Derek Halpern, I’m sorry to introduce him to you if you didn’t! Well, I have separate email ids for personal stuff, blog and for subscriptions. Why separate? Well because the subscriptions usually flood you with useless stuff, just like socialtriggers! Yesterday I […]

Why I started blogging from phone

I’ve been blogging since 2008, however I never used any phone or phone app to blog ever since this month, but I guess it has to begin now and I should start blogging from the cell phone. Why I started blogging from the phone? Here are a few reasons! We don’t have laptop all the […]

Avoid haram income online

Just because someone is doing something that’s haram, doesn’t make it halal. This issue isn’t a light one. It’s a very serious issue and can either make or break your life, not only in this world but also in the world after. So please my brothers take it seriously and make some effort to keep […]

Mobilink 3G issues

I’ve always considered mobilink to be one of the best cellular network in Pakistan. However, they proved me wrong today! I was using mobilink 3g internet on my tab for some time and for last 2 days, there was a huge drop in internet speed on my tab. Initially I considered it to be a […]

How to Connect more than 5 devices to evo wingle 3g

Evo wingle by ptcl provides an option to connect 5 users at a time (and a few models allow 10 too). However this is not justified! sometimes, or in fact most of the times we need more than 5 connections that can share the internet connection! Well the trick is pretty easy. You can also […]

How to transfer WiFi internet over 10km practically and cheaply?

There might be situations when you need to carry internet over a large distance. One might ask why would one like to transfer internet over 10km or more? Well there are several reasons! Why would someone transfer internet over 10km There can be many reasons for which someone would like to transfer internet over 10 […]

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN, an abbreviation of Content Delivery Network, is a need of almost every websites these days. CDN does a simple task, it delivers the content to the users world wide, via their nearest data center. What is a CDN By definition, A content delivery network or CDN is a setup of servers that are distributed […] error 503 – service unavailable

Guys our favorite site is down since yesterday with a 503 error! It’s down here in my region at least, is it working for you? If not then since when is the great resource down for you? I tried going to sub pages, through google and still nothing happened. All the pages including the […]