Exclude Trackbacks and Pingbacks from Defualt WordPress Recent Comments Widget

The default wordpress recent comments widget shows the most recent comments including the trachbacks and pingbacks too which can be some times annoying or useless in some cases. So how do we remove/hide these trachbacks and pingbacks from wordpress default recent comments widget? as there is no option in the wordpress admin panel widget manager […]

How to admin login in self hosted wordpress blog

Well for some a tutorial about self hosted wordpress login might sound pretty stupid but trust me i got queries from many people who setup their wordpress blog on their own hosting or i set it up for them and they don’t know how to access the login page of wordpress self hosted blog’s admin […]

DamnSexyBookmarks Activation error “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” – Solution

While trying to activate the DamnSexyBookmarks plugin for wordpress you might encounter the error: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. The problem is because the plugin interferes with the already activated plugion “Sexy Bookmarks” So the solution is to simply deactivate the Sexy Bookmarks plugin and then activate the DamnSexy […]

Introducing Blog / website hosting at affordable price

Being assosciated with the webdevelopment and freelancer world, i have noticed that quite a big percentage of the errors and problems faced by the blog/website owners is due to the server environment and settings that they are using. So now you can get the fully functional and compatible hosting server space for your blog/website. The […]

WordPress.org Moderator removing helpful links from forum posts

Yesterday i was helping a couple of guys on the WordPress.org official forums when some so called senior member got annoyed due to my reply. He assumed that i am trying to take away his [potential] client towards me! Well, what happened then? i asked that guy to contact him instead of me for further […]

Where can i find my wordpress api key?

Like many popular websites, wordpress also provides api key for your account. Api key is used by many plugins and other websites to connect to your main wordpress account without need to share your username and password to that plugin or website, hence ensuring your privacy and security. So now the question, where can we […]

How to Add new user (admin / author or other roles) in WordPress

So you want to add new Administrator for your WordPress blog? or maybe some simple user as a subscriber or author? Well you have came to the right place! Just follow through this tutorial to be able to add a new user to your WordPress Blog! Note: You don’t need to edit any core files […]

How to fix Disqus Comment system not showing on the Blog Post page

Today while testing some stuff on the Disqus Comment System plugin on my test blog i noticed that it suddenly disappeared while i was just playing around with settings and customizations (no core php files edits though). I tried fixing the settings but it didn’t recover again! so , well being confused, i disabled the […]