iphone home button not working

Few days back my iPhones home button stopped working. It just won’t work. No hard pressing, no tricks work what so ever. I was using my iPhone like any usual day and it suddenly stopped responding to home button. But this eventually was beneficial, I learned how to open my iPhone and replace its parts […]

Why Apple calls new iPad 3 “Resolutionary” ?

Lets Define: Resolutionary: Web definitions:(RESOLUTIONARIES) n.  Folks who show up at the gym for the three to five weeks after New Year’s, then are never seen again Probably we need to explain it further imho. So Apple is proudly saying that the new iPad is a new release, of 500+ $ , for just a […]

Unlock iphone 4 04.11.08 iOS 5.0.1 – available options

A friend of mine asked me that how to unlock iphone 4 baseband 04.11.08 on iOS 5.0.1. Well, as the title says, this post is about “available options” to unlock iphone 4 04.11.08 5.0.1. Well, short answer is, there is no option available . . . Why? here it is: 1. Ultrasn0w can unlock iphone […]

Iphone stuck at apple logo – solved

Man iPhone is a mess sometimes! I got my iPhone home button fixed yesterday but it wasn’t charging normally. So I decided to give it a reset. After the reset, the iphone got stuck at apple logo and won’t do anything except showing the bitten white apple logo for long. Ok so how did it […]

My iPhone isn’t charging even with new charger – now what ?

How do you feel when out of a busy schedule, when trying to charge a almost ended battery of iPhone, and it don’t work! Exactly . . . I recently got a new charger for my iPhone and it was working perfectly. However, it stopped charging when I plugged it into my macbook one day. […]

How to free up ram on Mac using terminal

I’ve a macbook white with 2gb ram in it. Works great usually but if its used for long specially including opening and closing of various applications, ram gets really messed up. The system memory gets filled with the blue “inactive” ram memory. There are various paid programs out there which do this for you, but […]

How to fix the White/Blank Cydia icon after iOS 5 jailbreak

Some users reported seeing a white cydia icon after jailbreaking their iPhone 4 on iOS 5. Follow these steps to fix the blank Cydia icon after iPhone 4 iOS 5 jailbreak: How to fix the White/Blank Cydia icon after iOS 5 jailbreak 1. disconnect your iPhone from the computer 2. run redsn0w on your computer […]

iPhone iOS 5 upgrade error – 3002

I made a post more than an year ago about iphone iOS 4.0 error 3002 which is getting quite a hits these days due to iOS 5 release and people trying to upgrade it ofcourse! So the error is that when you try to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 5 it gives error 3002. I haven’t […]

Steve Jobs died – 1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs has passed away today on 6th october 2011. He made Apple what it is today and some part of the world too. I am using macbook right now too with iPhone right next to me too . . Thanks to you Steve Jobs. Apple dedicated a page to the great person in his […]

Apple vs Nokia vs Samsung – in last 7 years

Will be focusing on search impact and popularity of these three companies for last 7 years (Since 2004). Note: This comparison is among the companies and their popularity online : Apple – Nokia – Samsung Not their products (e.g iPhone, Galaxy, etc) Apple, Nokia and Samsung are some widely popular cell phone developers. But all […]