Mashable spreading UN-APPROVED news UN-RELATED to tech! wtf is this?

If a tech blogs talks about a tech related rumor, well its┬ájustifiable┬ácoz they are tech related and need to have more traffic ofcourse! But I’ve been noticing Mashable is writing about stuff which is not at all tech related. And all of it is “unverified” and they proudly say that in the post too! that […]

Infolinks bug – image not found – causing slow page load

Info is not doubt an awesome in-text ad network and I’m using it on this blog too, but today I noticed an error in infolinks ad code which causes the page to keep searching for an image which don’t exist. The infolinks script looks for an image at : http://static.infolinks.local/giladm/logo20-blue_2.png Which is obviously not available. […]

What if you could . . . ?

Who told Michael Arrington in June 2005 that will become his full time business in 2006 after starting blogging about startups 2 years ago? Did he knew that he will earn $200,000 a month out of it? Did Pete Cashmore know in July 2005 that mashable will make him more than 160,000 $ per […]

Make your boss rich or youself, choice is yours!

99% of people I encounter feel proud to be a good “worker” for some other person! Ok wait, I’ll tell you the story that happened recently and compelled me on writing this post! A friend of mine planned on starting on a blog on current affairs in my country. Not just a news site but […]

Blogging ideas on your brothers wedding!

Do you know my brother is getting married? Yeah! thanks! :) Here instead of giving you live coverage of the event I’ll prefer sharing some blogging tips! So you wanna know some of the ideas you can have to get fabulous topics on your brothers wedding ceremony? think! think! think! Ok lemme help you then! […]

5 Tips to improve your blog design

Yeah now stop criticizing my blogs design first, so that we move on to tips on fixing some blog designs! Here I’ll go through a list of 5 things to do to improve your blog design. By improving the blog design I mean making it more catchy, more user friendly and more non-creepy! So here’s […]

10 tips to drive more traffic to your blog

10 is quite a low number probably when it comes to tips, but it’s very big one when it comes to follow them! Here we go with 10 tips to increase your blog’s traffic: 1. write about something that you are expert in 2. learn new thing everyday about your blog niche 3. post comments […]

Family support and blogging – can it make difference?

I’m not sure if this subject has been discussed before or not, and believe me, I don’t know if it is going to be discussed now (via comments etc) or not! Anyway, lets have a look at the affect of family response on blogging! Take me for example, my parents or elders don’t even know […]