UBL online banking errors

I don’t know if it’s the issue with united bank limited as a whole or just Pakistan branch. Their online banking system is crap! Literally crap!. I’ve been trying to send some money to my brothers account for home remittance and it’s giving errors one after another! First of all there is “paid” limit on […]

PayPal launched new homepage interface

PayPal has launched a new interface for the homepage. It’s much more “broad” and involving. However, the new layout is only apparent on the url: https://www.paypal.com/home and not others (like only paypal.com or any other sub directly) Maybe they’ll roll out changes in the layout on other pages as well soon, as they should too. However, its […]

Is Moneybookers Safe ? (hint: NO)

Moneybookers (now called skrill) has gained bit popularity as an alternate to paypal. Is Moneybookers safe? (or Is Skrill safe?) Many people assume that their money is safe in moneybookers just because there is no “refund” option, which is a totally fake and misconception. I’ll elaborate with an example which happened with me. Recently a […]

United Bank Limited Pakistan – Poor online banking

United Bank Limited not only has normal banking issues but also its ebanking is a pain. I’ve been using UBL for almost 3 years now and its a constant pain to be with them. I’ve tried moving to standard chartered bank but their new rule is that I have to show my pay slip in […]

Payoneer – fees and tips

I was talking to one of my friends on facebook and while discussing I asked him why don’t he apply for payoneer and his answer was because they charge 35$ a month…! :O NO! they don’t! so I thought about telling you all something about payoneer and tips about its usage. For those who don’t […]

Moneygram held my payment due to “Muhammad” in my name

Thats right! I received a payment from a client long time back on my name (Muhammad Nabeel Khan) and when I went to the moneygram office here in my city to collect it, boom, it was held. I asked them the reason they said there is no reason to be told. Just held. However, upon […]

How to accept credit card on AlertPay without upgrading your account

AlertPay asks you to upgrade your account from personal to personal pro or business in order to receive credit card payments. There are many reasons why someone wouldn’t upgrade their account on alertpay (like not having a credit card to verify your account or not wanting to pay 2.5$ + fee on every transaction). How […]

How to check if my AlertPay account can accept credit card payments

I had to send funds to a friend today via alertpay but unfortunately I didn’t have any funds in my alertpay account. So the only option was to pay him via credit card. So to make sure the receiving person can accept credit card payments, follow these steps (read whole post before acting): How to […]

How to create recurring PayPal subscription link URLs

PayPal is one of the leading online payment processing website which provides alot of tools and features for merchants to sell their products online. One of the feature of paypal is recurring payments. You can generate paypal subscription link url and send it to anyone who wants to purchase monthly or any periods recurring subscription. […]

How to upgrade AlertPay account to Personal pro or Business

Alertpay offers three types of accounts to its users: Personal Starter Personal Pro Business Alert pay provides an option to its users to upgrade their account from personal starter to personal pro or from personal starter to business account. To upgrade your alertpay account from personal starter to personal pro or business account, follow these […]