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Pacebutler – Cell phone recycling and selling corporation

Out of many cell phone recycling industry in America, PaceButler Corporation is at the forefront who not only recycle damaged and unusable cell phones but also helps you get value for your old cell phone by providing a system where you can sell your used cell phones for cash. What’s the benefit of cell phones recycling […]

After how much time google updates cache ?

Made some changes to your site and now waiting for google to reflect those changes on google search and ranking ? Calm down abit, google takes some time to update the cache. After how much time does google update the cache ? well this question don’t have any definitive answer. Cache update time for google […]

How to buy / sell old cell phones online

You got a new cell phone recenty? you might want to change it very soon then . . . Every month or so, new cell phone model appears in the market. With this boom in cell phones development and new models coming to the market, the resale of the cell phones has increased too. Some […]

Twitter blocked in Pakistan – 20 may 2012

Twitter has been blocked in Pakistan today. According to the Ministry of Information and Technology Pakistan, twitter.com has been blocked because it failed to respond to take action regarding publishing of blasphemous content. According to the ministry, the calls made to twitter authorities over the issue were not answered. In 2010, Facebook.com was blocked for […]

Make Money Off Your old Cell Phone by selling it online

There were days when people used to goto mobile shops to sell their cell phones and the shop keepers would give very low price to their phones, maximum 70% of the price that they will be selling their phone at. That is, if you sell him a cell phone at 70$ , and right after […]

iphone home button not working

Few days back my iPhones home button stopped working. It just won’t work. No hard pressing, no tricks work what so ever. I was using my iPhone like any usual day and it suddenly stopped responding to home button. But this eventually was beneficial, I learned how to open my iPhone and replace its parts […]

Why Apple calls new iPad 3 “Resolutionary” ?

Lets Define: Resolutionary: Web definitions:(RESOLUTIONARIES) n.  Folks who show up at the gym for the three to five weeks after New Year’s, then are never seen again Probably we need to explain it further imho. So Apple is proudly saying that the new iPad is a new release, of 500+ $ , for just a […]

Ufone launched annual sms package @666 rs per year for 100,000 text messages

I’m not sure how old it might be, but today I was on ufone website and found out the annual sms package (which wasn’t there last month atleast) Now you can subscribe for yearly sms package and send unlimited sms to any mobile network number for just 666 pkr + tax. To subscribe to ufone […]

Unlock iphone 4 04.11.08 iOS 5.0.1 – available options

A friend of mine asked me that how to unlock iphone 4 baseband 04.11.08 on iOS 5.0.1. Well, as the title says, this post is about “available options” to unlock iphone 4 04.11.08 5.0.1. Well, short answer is, there is no option available . . . Why? here it is: 1. Ultrasn0w can unlock iphone […]

How to check add requests / invitations on msn messenger

I don’t use msn messenger (now called windows live messenger) much but today had to install it to talk to one of the contacts who only preferred msn messenger. The latest version of windows live messenger (msn messenger 2011 – although its 2012 already) have alot different from its ancestors. In previous versions, when you […]

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