Best brand engagement strategies

In order to build your brand into a successful and popular name, you need to have some strategies that engage customers with your brand. In this technically advanced world, no business or brand can taste success without the aid of social media and the virtual world of internet. Here in this post some of the […]

Top 100 experiential marketing companies of 2012 in the United States

Marketing has evolved a lot over the previous decade due to advancements in the consumer electronics and introduction of modern means of entertainment and mass communication such as the internet and the increasing popularity of the social networking websites. Many new and innovative marketing techniques have been developed since then. Experiential marketing is also a […]

The best contact management software

Our contact lists grow larger and larger every moment and we are not supposed to remember all of them due to intervention of technology. Your contacts might be using multiple e-mail accounts, IM accounts, numerous contact numbers and a lot of online networking handles. You so need a tool that could combine all of them […]

PTA will unblock youtube in Pakistan in 24 hours

Rehman Malik announced that youtube will be unblocked in Pakistan in next 24 hours. This might be a good news for alot of people as youtube is no doubt a really valuable resource for learning as well as entertainment, however, the reason youtube was blocked was far more superior to the value of youtube. PTA […]


A small business can be as successful as a large scale business, provided that it has been projected in an effective manner and it is amazing that how this can be achieved even if your budget is not huge enough. At the infancy stage of every business, the entrepreneur has to worry about a large […]

Tips to decorate small office

You may be starting your own venture, or you may be part of a big organization but the one aspect that will stay static throughout your time is the way you portray your office. Contrary to the public perception that expensive furniture, pretentious book shelves and art pieces are an indispensible part of an exquisite […]

Facebook Error – Sorry, something went wrong

We’re all familiar with the sweet little error from Facebook which we get once in a while, saying: Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. Well, I’ve been experiencing this error all day long today. No this error wasn’t due to facebook server side issue. Infact, I’ve […]

WordPress “No comments found” error [solved]

Sometimes, due to errors with your mysql database, when you goto wordpress admin and look into “comments” section of your wordpress backend, you’re welcomed with a message saying: No Comments found. Well, it happened with me too, more than once. I was pretty much sure that the comments do exist and the content is there, […]

Facebook deleting pages against their TOS

Today many users are complaining of their facebook pages being deleted by Facebook. Initially it was thought as some technical glitch, however one of my facebook friend, after getting his facebook pages deleted, got a notification that he’s not able to create any more pages on facebook. I can’t find any clear notification or detail […]

Is iPhone 5 really different ?

iPhone 5 has been launched. . . ¬†finally! but is it really that different from the last iPhone ? Well, technically yes, but apparently, No. Have a look at this video to see the peoples response when they were shown a iPhone 4 instead of 5 and questioned! – really are these people so dumb […]