How to Remove your cell number from Facebook profile

Most of the facebook settings are not straight forward and scare its users. Cell phone number is one of them. User might add phone number while doing “something” on facebook or any other associated application from their cell phone probably which will add cell number to their profile, but then boom, that cell number goes […]

How to appear offline on Facebook chat

Most of us are online on facebook almost all the time, while eating, while working, while sleeping, while this while that! but not all the time we’re in a mood or capacity to talk to the online friends. Facebook allows you to appear offline. Appear offline feature allows you to either become offline for all […]

You can now change Facebook Cover privacy settings

Facebook has just launched the feature for its users that they can limit the visibility of old facebook covers to their contacts which they chose to. The old facebook covers can be shown to public, as they were before, or they can be limited to friends only or specified people. Or you can chose “only […]

How to install zenmate proxy on chrome (to run blocked websites)

There are situations in which we want to bypass the restrictions and access blocked websites on our network which could be blocked for any reason but it’s critical to load them at that particular time. Zenmate proxy for chrome benefits For example, youtube is blocked in some countries, including Pakistan. Yesterday a very good friend […]

How to send a video on Facebook (fb messages)

Facebook allows you to send videos and images to your friends and people you know via inbox messages, without publishing them on your wall (which you can also use and limit the visibility of that video post to that particular friend or group of friends). How to do that ? how to send a video […]

Peak traffic times on various social networks

These days we’re all busy browsing various social networks of our choice all day long. However there are specific peak hours for different social networks. Knowing these peak times is helpful in gaining maximum response from your desired audience by sharing your content at that specific peak time. Please note, peak times are definitely useful […]

Explore the new Graph Search by Facebook – Tour

Facebook recently started rolling out the newly launched Facebook Graph Search. The graph search tour takes you through the features enhanced in facebook via graph search launch. Once your account is approved for Facebook Graph Search you will get a notification on your Facebook homepage saying that your account is now approved for Facebook Graph […]

Facebook Graph Search launched finally!

Facebook has started rolling out facebook graph search now. Today When I logged into my facebook account, facebook gave me a notification to update to facebook graph search. Graph Search is Here Good news! You’re off the waiting list and ready to start using Graph Search. Take 2 minutes to tour what’s new and see […]

Facebook allows to translate comments automatically now – powered by Bing

Facebook now allows you to translate comments on your facebook statuses on your facebook wall. When you see any message written in any foreign language facebook will show you a link below it saying “See Translation“. Clicking on the see translation link under you comment will open the translation right below the original comment in […]

Facebook Messages not loading – Error

Facebook messaging app “Facebook Messages” isn’t loading properly for me and giving weird errors (screenshot below) While chatting, messages disappear and when try sending them they don’t go to the recipient. Facebook Messages not loading – Error When trying to open the full conversation, it takes you to the messages app but don’t show any […]