Is Moneybookers Safe ? (hint: NO)

Moneybookers (now called skrill) has gained bit popularity as an alternate to paypal. Is Moneybookers safe? (or Is Skrill safe?) Many people assume that their money is safe in moneybookers just because there is no “refund” option, which is a totally fake and misconception. I’ll elaborate with an example which happened with me. Recently a […]

United Bank Limited Pakistan – Poor online banking

United Bank Limited not only has normal banking issues but also its ebanking is a pain. I’ve been using UBL for almost 3 years now and its a constant pain to be with them. I’ve tried moving to standard chartered bank but their new rule is that I have to show my pay slip in […]

Infolinks Bugs & Errors – not fixed on reporting too

I’ve been using infolinks on nabtron for couple of months now but there is an issue of broken links in their ad code. I’ve tried notifying the staff about the issue, received an email from them appreciating it, but then the code still has the broken link. Infolinks javascript calls a file supposed to be […]

Convert Table to Div in dreamweaver using Regex

Tables can’t do various things which can be done using divs. In this tutorial I will explain to you how to convert your table based structure into div based structure while giving unique id or class to each of those divs. This can be done via search and replace too right? well there are few […]

My iPhone isn’t charging even with new charger – now what ?

How do you feel when out of a busy schedule, when trying to charge a almost ended battery of iPhone, and it don’t work! Exactly . . . I recently got a new charger for my iPhone and it was working perfectly. However, it stopped charging when I plugged it into my macbook one day. […]

How to open System Settings in Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu has added a cool system settings pane in the 11.10 release in which you can access all the settings for your applications. To open system settings in ubuntu 11.10 simply goto top right of your screen, click the power button and select “System settings…” from the options list. The awesome system settings pane will […]

Ubuntu 11.10 is the new Mac OS X ?

Now this is not a critic point of view type post. I really like ubuntu project and really enjoying ubuntu 11.10 Ubuntu 11.04 and before were more like a different taste of microsoft windows based operating systems. However this new relase has adopted more of the features of mac osx. E.g, how all applications settings […]

Ubuntu Users & Groups error

Today I ran ubuntu on my computer after a long time but it didn’t went smooth. Could be due to many reasons, e.g I was using my hard disk on new system, so probably the drivers were not done or something. Anyway, while encountering with the errors, I decided to create a new user and […]

How to free up ram on Mac using terminal

I’ve a macbook white with 2gb ram in it. Works great usually but if its used for long specially including opening and closing of various applications, ram gets really messed up. The system memory gets filled with the blue “inactive” ram memory. There are various paid programs out there which do this for you, but […]

Smowtion spreading viruses possibly

I’ve been using smowtion for a couple of days now and have found it to be full of issues . . . Today, I noticed an add saying “click here to download plugin”. Now wait a minute. Why would smowtion allow such an ad which don’t even tell anything and is clearly disguising the visitors […]